AAPA Committees

Standing Committees

  • American Bee Research Conference 
    Greg Hunt (Nicole Benda, Mark Carroll)
  • Pesticide Efficacy and Registration 
    Jerry Hayes (Jeff Pettis, Jerry Bromenshenk)
  • Regulations
    Tom Webster (Ed Levi, Jeff Harris)
  • Nominations
    John Skinner (Nancy Ostiguy, Jeff Harris)
  • Member Awards 
    Marion Ellis
  • Student Paper/Student Scholarship
    Ann Harman

Other Committees

  • Position Paper on Health of the US Honey Bee Industry (cont. from 2007)
    Nick Calderone (Eric Mussen, Jeff Pettis)
  • Technical Bulletin on Best Management Practices (cont. from 2007)
    Keith Delaplane (Marion Ellis, Eric Mussen, Jeff Pettis, Marla Spivak)
  • Novel Approaches for Publication/Dissemination of ABRC 
    Bob Danka (Tom Rinderer, Kim Flottum)

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