AAPA Student Paper Award Recipients

2017       Courtney MacInnis, University of Alberta. “Nosema ceranae: Investigating the                                                                                         viability and infectivity of spores”

–             Alexandra Payne, Texas A&M. “Effects of honey bee queen insemination volume                                                                    on colony growth”

–              Samuel Ramsey, University of Maryland. “Varroa destructor feed primarily on                                                                                           honey bee fat body not hemolymph”

2016       Laura Brutscher, Montana State University


2014       Daren Eiri, University of Texas

2013       Kaira Wagoner, University of North Carolina, at Greensboro

2012       Michael Goblirsch, University of Minnesota

2011       Michael B. Wilson, University of Minnesota

2010       Judy Wu, Washington State University

2009       Michael Wilson, University of Tennessee

2008       Elina Niño, North Carolina State University

2007       Nick Aliano

2006       Nick Aliano

2005       Ramesh Sagili

2004       Nick Aliano, University of Nebraska. “Strategies for using powdered sugar to                                                                                 remove varroa mites from adult honey bees”

2003       Janisse Bailey, University of Guelph. “Impacts from sweet corn pest control                                                                                      agents on foraging honey bees”

2002       Selim Dedej, University of Georgia. “Interactions and pollinating efficacies of                                                                             honey bees and nectar-thieving carpenter bees”

2001       Miguel Arechavaleta-Velasco, Purdue University. “Genetic analysis of hygienic                                                                                       behavior in backcrossed honey bees”

2000       Paula Macedo, University of Nebraska

1999       No award presented

1998       Jamie Fisher, Pennsylvania State University. “Effects of tracheal mites                                                                                               and Nosema on commercial U.S. queens”

1997       Timothy Harman. “Honey bees as indicators of radionuclide contamination”

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