Travel Grants for Potential Entomology Graduate Students, Texas A&M University

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To: Prospective PhD Students
From: The Department of Entomology, Texas A&M University

Re: Travel Grants to visit the Department of Entomology at Texas A&M

The Department of Entomology at Texas A&M is pleased to announce the availability of travel grants for prospective PhD students. These travel grants, which will be awarded on a competitive basis, will cover the costs of a domestic flight to and from College Station, hotel accommodations while in College Station, plus a per diem for meals. The aim of the travel grant is to provide prospective PhD students the opportunity to:

•     Interview with faculty and meet current graduate students

•     Tour the department and campus to learn about available resources and facilities

•     Explore College Station and its surrounding areas

Travel grants will be awarded in early January and travel will be scheduled for February 19-22, 2014. Travel grant awardees will spend time together during their visit, thus gaining immediate insights into their future cohort.

Why should you consider obtaining a PhD at Texas A&M University? The Department of Entomology at Texas A&M has more than one hundred years of rich history and it is the largest Entomology program in the United States. It has a strong mixture of nationally and internationally recognized junior and senior faculty working on a diverse range of basic and applied research, spanning genetics, genomics, medical/veterinary entomology, physiology, behavior, ecology, biocontrol, integrated pest management, evolution, systematics, and urban entomology (to learn about our faculty visit:

Support for graduate study is available through multiple sources, including departmental research and teaching assistantships, as well as TAMU Office of Graduate Studies and College of Agriculture and Life Sciences Fellowships. Texas A&M University is positioned in beautiful Blackland Prairie and Post Oak Savannah habitat, which supports a magnificent insect fauna and a wealth of research opportunities. Its location also provides a good base for access to a broad range of habitats and research sites. Additionally, its close proximity to Austin, Dallas, Houston and San Antonio offers a cultural component to a whole graduate experience.

How to apply? To be considered for a travel grant, prospective PhD students first need to contact Rebecca Hapes, the Senior Academic Advisor (email:; phone: (979 845-9733). To receive a travel grant, an official Graduate Application package must be submitted to the Department. For additional information about the Department and the graduate application process please visit:

For consideration, your application needs to be received by December 13, 2013


Juliana Rangel

Dr. Juliana Rangel
Assistant Professor of Apiculture
Department of Entomology
Texas A&M University
315 Minnie Belle Heep, 2475 TAMU
College Station, TX 77843-2475
Tel. 979.845.1074; Fax 979.845.6305

AAPA Scholarship

Please circulate to appropriate colleagues.


 The American Association of Professional Apiculturists announces the following awards for the year 2014.


               This scholarship is given to recognize and promote outstanding research by students in the field of apiculture. The scholarship will consist of a $1000 stipend for research.

                Undergraduates or graduate students working in North America with Apis are eligible. Nominees must be students of active AAPA members to be eligible for this scholarship. Recipients of this scholarship will be ineligible for future AAPA Student Research Scholarships.

                Proposals  Each research scholarship proposal must include a curriculum vitae of the nominee, one letter of recommendation, and a summary of the research problem not to exceed three pages double-spaced. The summary must include objectives, significance and methods. Nominees may also include up to three publication reprints, submitted manuscripts or abstracts of theses or dissertations. The submissions should be electronically sent in PDF files.

                Submitting Proposals:  Please send your proposal electronically as PDF to:

                              Ann W. Harman

                              1214 North Poes Road

                              Flint Hill, VA 22627



                Submission Deadline:  Deadline November 1, 2013


               This award is offered for the best student paper presented at the American Bee Research Conference (ABRC). The recipient will receive $100 and a plaque to commemorate the occasion.

                Both graduate students and undergraduates are eligible for this award. The paper must involve the genus Apis. Students do not have to be members of AAPA, nor do their advisors need to be members.

                The presenter should specify that he/she is a student participating in the competition when the title is submitted. Only one paper may be designated as participating in the competition.

                Papers will be evaluated by a 3-judge panel for:

  • ·        presentation (not including responses to questions)  (70 points)
  • ·        quality of research (30 points)

Comments from the judges will be returned to competitors to help strengthen their presentation skills.

 Details of evaluation criteria may be obtained from Ann Harman at the above address.