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Bee Pollinators in Your Garden

Bee Pollinators in Your Garden
(Cover art by Amy B. Wright, compliments of National Gardening Magazine)

Bee Pollinators in Your Garden is the newest publication of the American Association for Professional Apiculturists, edited by E.C. Mussen, M. Spivak, D.F. Mayer, and M.T. Sanford. It is an 18 page color booklet that covers the following topics: Why Bees are the Best Pollinators, What is a Bee?, What Bees are Common? Habitat for Bees, Insecticides and Bees, and lists of sources for honey bees, non-Apis bees, bee equipment and references. Color photos of bees on flowers are provided for rapid identification. This is an ideal reference for beekeepers, Master and home gardeners, and anyone interested in the conservation and value of bees as pollinators.

The 8″ x 5.5″ booklet weighs 1.5oz, and sells for:

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1000 or more $1.00 each

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91-100 copies $11.00

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